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Rendezvous with War

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Rendezvous with War

The war in Vietnam ended on April 30, 1975.  In April 2000, to observe the 25th anniversary of the end of the that war, Wallace Terry created and organized a two-day symposium made up some of the best-known war correspondents, authors, historians, screenwriters and Vietnam veterans.  Participants included Everett Alvarez, Jr, Peter Arnett, Joseph R. Barnes, Philip Caputo, Tom Corey, Edward P. Crapol, Frederick Downs, Jr., Patrick Sheane Duncan, John Michael Finn, Herbert Fix, Marsha Four, Joseph L. Galloway, William Conrad Gibbons, James R. Goldern, Zalin Grant, James E.Griffin, Stanley Karnow, Marc Leepson,  Harold G. Moore, Sydney Schanberg, Ronald Spector, Wallace Terry, Russ Thurman, and Rick Weidman.  The event was held in Williamsburg, Virginia and sponsored by The College of William and Mary and Vietnam Veterans of America.

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