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Guess Who's Coming Home (CD-ROM)

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Black Fighting Men Recorded Live in Vietnam

This is the first recorded history of black soldiers in any war. For two years, from 1967 to 1969, Wallace Terry traveled the length and breadth of Vietnam were he interviewed black soldiers—infantry as well as officers—for Time magazine and for this recording.



Guess Who's Coming Home


Guess Who's Coming Home

Terry recorded hundreds of black GIs on the battlefront. He found his story everywhere from Da Nang to Hue, and from the battlefields of Hamburger Hill and the Ashau Valley. And the Bloods rap about everything—racism in America, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon, Black Power and Ho Chi Minh—and what they plan to do when they get “back to the World.” In this recording, you will discover a war within a war, a double battleground. Whites against blacks. Racial slurs. Cross burnings. Confederate flags. Knifings. Fraggings. The humor, intensity and anguish as the Bloods rap will make you laugh, it may make you angry, and it may make you cry as you share their world at war.


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