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by Patricio Morales last modified 2009-04-09 14:31

I Saw You Today

I saw you today brother, oh man it was a fine reunion, you that gave the true Bloods an identity, Bloods bonded for time on the front line in combat but were in the back of the line for everything else, you that shared the front line with us, and was seen on Frontline, you that wrote and spoke so well, you that told our story and challenged false history.

I saw you today bro you that spoke truth to power, and looked out for me and others, yeah I remember how we pulled one over on the man and took me to places I never dreamed of, I remembered how you invited me into your home and family, how you were like God in an earthly way you were high but never refused to look low.

I saw you today and remembered our conversations some about my frailties and some about my strengths and had no fear in doing so, I remembered the time we spent together, broke bread together, the questions you asked and the answers I GAVE, I saw you today although I thought I lost you, I saw today and it all came back, I saw you today and you'll never know what you meant to me and some many others, but I saw you today miss you but who am I to argue with God, I saw you today I'll see you again but no not yet.

~ by Dwight D Edwards
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