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“The program you are attending today is one more public service of the Capital Press Club, an organization which long since was supposed to go out of business with desegregation, and just didn’t.

Instead, the Capital Press Club has thrived. Under the three-year leadership of Wallace Terry, membership has more than doubled, scholarship contributions increased five times, international support introduced an imposing array of speakers brought before the enlightened Washington community.

A session like today’s could not go by, however, without raising the question, ‘Why the Capital Press Club?’ Although other press organizations now admit Negroes as they did not do when we were founded 21 years ago, we believe that the increasing concern over that very important unfinished business of our democracy—civil rights—justifies our existence. No other group of journalists anywhere in the nation is joined together because of that kind of concern. And further, no other group is striving to improve the opportunities of Negroes in the communications industry through direct scholarship aid.

As we like to put it, ‘The press is not truly free until all are free.’”

Hubert H. Humphrey
Vice President of the United States
Honorary Banquet Chairman

Franklin H. Williams
Honorary Banquet Co-Chairman

John B. Duncan
Honorary Banquet Co-Chairman

Winner of Journalism Award
Curtis O. Smalls
Washington, D. C.