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The Future of the Negro in America

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“In the centennial year of the Emancipation Proclamation, the Capital Press Club has endeavored to be in the vanguard of more rapid progress and opportunity for the American Negro citizen. Hence, we have called upon the Washington community to support our scholarship program.

That the membership of the Capital Press Club has changed since Alfred Smith’s term as the first president reveals that progress in this area is being made. We now count among our numbers reporters and photographers from the major newspapers and television stations and holders of government positions as high as Assistant White House Press Secretary.

We are hopeful of far greater advances for Negroes in the next 20 years—not only in the communications industry, but in every area of employment.”

Lyndon B. Johnson
Vice President of the United States
Guest of Honor

Terry Sanford
Governor of North Carolina
Main Speaker

Winner of Journalism Award
Eugenia Adams
Dunbar High School
Washington, D.C.